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I shift my weight from foot to foot and watch Amber drag her suitcase down the walkway toward my SUV. She is trying to talk on the phone and keep her things from falling. 

"Amber, do you need some help?" She looks up at me and smiles, nodding her head. I rush forward and take the suitcase before throwing an arm around Amber's shoulders and kissing the top of her head. "Who are you talking to yeobo?" She looks at me and makes a shushing motion. I huff at her and pick up the suitcase and throw it into the trunk and close it waiting for Amber to finish her phone call before we get in the car.  

I can't help but smile at her because despite the fact that she is flying, she dressed cutely. Amber is wearing a pair of pink sweats with a matching hoodie. Her light brown hair is down and held back by a simple headband. She looks at me and quirks an eyebrow because I'm probably making a face or smiling like a dumbass. She quietly says her goodbyes and walk up to the door. "Are you coming?"

I throw back my head and laugh before rounding the car and getting in on the driver's side. Amber is messing with her phone and I know that she is selecting music for the trip to the airport. "Who were you talking to?" Thankfully it's a short one because Amber was able to book a flight from General Mitchell instead of Chicago. I hate driving to O'Hare. I turn on the car and she immediately adjusts the volume before hitting play on her phone.

"My sister. She was telling me about something Derek did." Amber nodded along with the music after answering me.

The sounds of FT Island float through the speakers and I can't help but laugh at the perfection of her choice. "I'm going to miss you."

"Sam, I'm only going to be gone for a few days. It still sucks that you couldn't come with me though." Amber looks at me and I sigh. If everything had gone according I would have been getting on the same flight and headed to KCON with her, but it just hadn't worked out. The music academy unfortunately didn't agree with me being gone from private weekend lessons for more than one weekend. I pout at the road and continue to drive toward the airport. 

"I know, still going to miss you. It sucks that you can't come to see SHINee with me." I hear her sigh and agree. Things just hadn't worked out for the two of us to go on vacation together. I take the exit for the airport and successfully navigate us to the departure area. "You have everything right?" I put the car into park and get out the same time as you. 

"I'm a big girl Sam, I can pack for a few days." Amber laughs at me and walks to the trunk and pulls it open. I grab the suitcase out and hand it to her. She smiles at me and I laugh before yanking her into a hug. Amber squeezes me back and we both laugh again. "I'll see you Monday alright?" 

I nod at her. "Have a good trip yeobo." She waves at me, grabs the suitcase and walks into the airport. I get back into the car and put it back into drive and head home. 


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