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 I wake up in my hotel room and groan before rolling over and checking my phone. It's 8:30am and it's so tempting to back to sleep but I know I have plans. I roll out of bed with a groan and shuffle into the bathroom, flicking on the lights and stumbling to the tub to start the shower. I turn on the water and walk back out into the room to rummage through my suitcase. I yank out my outfit and throw it on the bed before shuffling almost drunkenly to the shower and getting it. I quickly shower. I step out of the shower and wrap myself into one of the hotel's fluffy towels. I walk back into the room and grab my phone, opening my music app and turning on my SHINee playlist.

I do my make-up and grimace as I go about the task of creating perfectly even wing tips. It probably doesn't help that I'm swinging my hips to the beat of Symptoms while trying to do it. I finish my make up and get dressed. I'm wearing a gray crop top, that says "Take me to Neverland", over a black lace racerback tank top with jean shorts and combat boots.  I stare at myself in the mirror and debate on how I should style my hair. It's hot outside, so up would be best. Southern California in August is deadly hot. I pull it into a high ponytail, clipping in the Peter Pan bow that Amber bought me a few months ago and do a bang bump before nodding to myself and flicking off the bathroom light and walking out into my room. I plug in my headphones, grab my purse and put on my sunglasses, I double check that I have everything and then I step out of my room and head to the parking lot, unlocking the rental car.

I turn on the navigation and set out to drive. Before I even know it, I'm passing underneath the Disneyland arch and I'm parking. I get out of the car and make my way to the ticket booth. I noticed some commotion at one the other ticket booths and hear a snippet of Korean but decide to ignore it since there are probably a lot of people here for the SHINee World concert tomorrow. I collect my park ticket and smile as I walk through the gate. I stand in between the parks and try to decide which one to visit first. I decide to go classic first and head into Disneyland, smiling as I enter Main Street. I grab a map and try to decide what to do first. 

I decide to visit the characters and get a bunch of pictures, sending them rapid fire to Amber as I collect them on my phone. I've met all of the characters by lunch time and decide to head to Adventureland for some dolewhip, because I can't resist it. I get my ice cream and start to walk around Adventureland, ducking into the shops and looking at the silly shirts and toys. I finish my ice cream and dump the container into the garbage. I spot a crazy hat at one of the stand alone booths and grab it, putting it on and snapping a picture to send to Amber. I hear a group of people talking close to me in Korean and try not to eavesdrop. 

I turn around and start walking while texting Amber, getting closer to the group of people speaking Korean. I'm laughing at her response when suddenly I'm bowled into and I feel something cold and wet press into my shirt and drip down. I stumble backwards and bite my tongue, trying to stop from cursing. A familiar deep male voice catches my attention and I look up only to be shocked into silence. 

Standing in-front of me is Onew. He is sputtering out apologies in Korean and he looks up at me and smiles sheepishly before speaking in English. "Sorry. So sorry. I-I-I did not mean to. Sorry." He mumbles to himself in Korean as I try to regain control of the ability to speak. I decide to go with Korean because he seems pressed while trying to speak in english. 

"It's alright. Are you okay?" He stares at me shocked to hear Korean come out of my mouth.

"I'm fine. Are you alright? I'm so sorry. My friend pushed me and umm...well, I'm sorry I ruined your shirt. Let me buy you a new one."  He bows to me and puts his hands together, asking for forgiveness. I giggle a little bit and he looks at me with a sheepish smile and a dusting of pink covering his cheeks.

"No, it's okay. I have a tank top on under this." I put my purse down and strip out of the soiled shirt, frowning slightly because it really is one of my favorite shirts. I grimace as I notice that the ice cream seeped through my shirt and into my lace tank top. I guess I do need a new shirt. He stares at me for a second before shaking his head.

"Oh no please I insist. You shouldn't be walking around with your shoulders bare in the sun. You could get sunburned." He looks at me pleadingly and I sigh, resigning myself to letting him buy me a shirt, but determined to find a cheap one. I open my mouth to reply when Onew suddenly squeaks and I notice someone has joined us. 

"Yo On-umm-Jinki hyung, what did you do dude?" I try not to gape as I recognize Jonghyun. He claps his hand against Onew's back and smiles at me. I smile back shyly and try to stay composed as the rest of SHINee shows up. Key looks unhappy and clicks his tongue when he gets to us.

"I can't believe you did that Jinki hyung. You better buy her a new shirt since you ruined the one she was wearing." Onew looks at him and sputters. 

"I was going to but she keeps refusing me." He looks confused. Taemin and Minho laugh behind him and his ears start to turn red. 

"Well, I don't care if she said no. You are buying her a new shirt because you ruined the one she was wearing. Let's go." Key clamps his hand around my wrist and around Onew's dragging us toward the biggest shop in the area. I try to stop and turn around. 

"Wait, my purse!" I tug to get away and turn to see Taemin holding it. He smiles at me and waves it in the air. I sigh and let Key drag me into the store. We enter the store and the boys stand around expectantly waiting for Key to give orders. He releases me from his steel-like grip and I frown.

"Alright, we need to find you a new shirt. What size are you? You look like a medium, are you a medium?" I nod as Key glances me over, trying hard not to blush under his critical stare. He smiles triumphantly and grabs Taemin, turning around and disappearing into the clothing section. Jonghyun and Minho split up and I'm left standing awkwardly with Onew. He smiles at me and stares for a moment before smiling and walking away.

I sigh and look down at myself, realizing that I'm holding my phone in one hand and the dirty shirt in the other. I put my phone into my pocket and walk to a register, politely asking for a bag and receiving one for my soiled shirt. I put the shirt in the bag and go to put in my purse when I realize that Taemin still has it. I shake my head and decide to look through the discount rake of shirts that I see. I'm thumbing through the shirt and I find a few that are alright, deciding to let Onew pick between them. I turn around and see Onew and the other boys walking up to me. Onew has a bag in his hand and he smiles sheepishly at me. 

"Umm...I found a shirt for you. I hope you like it." He hands me the bag and smiles again. I put the other shirts back on the rack and open the bag. I pull the shirt out and gasp because I love it. It's cream colored with lace detailing on the shoulders and around the collar. It has a gorgeous sketch style print of Tinkerbell on the front and I can't help but smile because he picked a shirt with a character from my favorite movie. I see the price tag and immediately frown.

"I can't accept this. It's too expensive." He looks at me with concerned eyes as I try to give the shirt back. He waves his hands and refuses to take the shirt.

"No. Please take it. It's the least I could do for ruining your shirt." Onew pushes it back into my hands and smiles at me. I blush and accept the shirt reluctantly. The rest of the guys are smiling at me and I nod my head. 

"Umm...I'll just going change into this then." I quickly walk out of the store and find the nearest restroom. I strip out of my tank top and put it into the same bag with my ruined t-shirt. I slip the new shirt on and remove the price tag. It fits perfectly and thankfully the material is thick enough that you can't completely see my black bra through it. I smooth out the material and grab my bag. I walk back to the store and find the group looking at hats and shirts.

Minho notices me first and smiles. "You picked well hyung. It looks really good on her." Onew blushes and looks at me. I smile sheepishly.

"Umm...thank you. I really like it." He blushes a bit more and I try not to fidget under all 5 pairs of eyes staring at me. "Could I have my purse back...ummm, I'm sorry I didn't get any of your names." The boys smile and Taemin hands my purse over. 

"I'm Taemin. The tall freak is Minho. The shortie is Jjong." Jonghyun huffs at him indignantly. Key steps forward and puts a hand out. 

"I'm Kibum. And this bumbling idiot is Jinki." I shake Key's hand and nod. 

"My name is Sam. It's nice to meet you. Umm...well thank you for the shirt Jinki-shii. I will let you guys get back to your day." I start to leave when Jonghyun grabs my arm. 

"Wait, why don't you spend the day with us. We are uneven for rides and if you came with us it would be perfect." He makes his best attempt at what can only be called a puppy face. 

"Umm...I don't know. I don't want to disturb you." Taemin whines and pouts at me.

"Please please please?!" I smile and shrug my shoulders. 

"Well, I guess I could. If it wouldn't be a bother to you." Taemin smiles and latches himself on to my arm. 

"It will be so much fun Sam...wait how old are you?"  He stares at me with wide eyes and I smile back at him. 

"Umm...21." Taemin's face lights up.

"So you are the same age as me. You were born in 93 right?" I flush with embarrassment because I forgot all about Korean ages. 

"Oh...no...I'm was born in 92. So umm...I'm 22 in Korean years." Taemin pouts and the other boys laugh. Minho lets out a deep chuckle. 

"You are still the youngest Taemin. Sam-ah, Kibum and I are a year older than you. Jjong hyung is 2 years older and Jinki hyung is 3 years older." I nod and pretend like I don't already know this information. So far so good. 

"Whatever hyung. Now I have a pretty noona to go on all the rides with me." He smiles brightly at me and clings tighter to my arm. Key clicks his tongue disapprovingly and separates us.

"No. Sam and Jinki hyung will be ride partners." Onew and I sputter in unison but any attempts at protest are silenced with the deathly glare Key gives us. "Let's go. We have rides to ride and pictures to take." We all follow Key out of the store. I end up in the back of the group with Onew. He smiles and holds his hand out for me to take.

"So, you don't get lost," He says when I pause before taking his hand. I take his hand and he smiles at me and squeezes my hand gently. 

"Umm...thank you for the shirt, Oppa. I really do love it. How did you manage to pick one of my favorite characters?" Onew blushes at the word 'oppa' and looks away from me.  

"I-I noticed your earrings." I smile to myself and squeeze his hand. I can see him smile and I giggle slightly. We follow Key and Minho to ride after ride. I'm always placed next to Onew, who screams and laughs through most of the rides while I laugh beside him. We make fun of the other boys and ourselves when we see the pictures after every ride. Onew keeps asking me little questions about myself. What kind of music do I listen to, what's my favorite color and so on and so forth. After every single ride he grabs my hand again and gives it a squeeze. 

Key keeps watching us and the other boys seem to notice that we are getting along really well. Jonghyun decides to defy Key's orders when we get in line for Haunted Mansion. He tears between Onew and I and yanks me along with him into the buggy. He smiles victoriously when Key yells before turning and smiling at me. 

"Hello Sam-ah. Are you having a good day with Jinki hyung?" I smile back at his bright smile.

"Yes, I'm having a wonderful day oppa." Jonghyun looks smug when I call him oppa and I giggle at him. He grabs my hand and holds it. 

"I'll protect you from the scary ghosts." 

"Okay oppa." I settle down comfortably in the buggy, knowing that I won't be scared at all. I'm betting that Jonghyun will be more scared than me. As the ride goes on Jonghyun jumps and squeezes my hand as things pop out at us. I try not to laugh at him and pretend to be scared so that he won't feel bad. As the ride comes to the end I sit up straight and smile and make a victory sign in the mirror that takes a picture of us. Jonghyun laughs loudly when we round the corner and the animation swaps our heads in the mirror. The ride comes to the end and we shuffle out of the buddy laughing hysterically. He pulls me along after him.

We wait outside patiently for the other boys and Key comes out looking like he has been crying. Onew follows behind him and is smiling and Taemin and Minho are not too far behind them. Onew glances down at mine and Jonghyun's hands which are still connected. He frowns slightly and I try to tug my hand away form Jonghyun. Jonghyun tightens his grip and smiles at me. "You aren't getting away from me just yet." 

Jonghyun keeps me with him for the next hour or so and I notice Onew keeps glancing back at us and frowning. Jonghyun seems to think that it's funny. He won't let go of my hand, even as we order food and eat dinner. The day is coming to an end and we all gather around the partner's statue for the fireworks and Jonghyun finally releases me. Onew instantly is next to me and keeps me away from the other boys. I can see Jonghyun and Key smirking as Onew takes my hand again.

"Umm...I had a really good day. Thank you for hanging out with us." I smile at him and the music starts before the projection show begins. The show starts and I watch in awe because I love this part of the night. It's the most beautiful thing to me. I feel eyes on me but I continue to watch the show and hold Onew's hand. The fireworks begin and I can feel myself tearing up because for some reason the show and fireworks always get to me. I can feel myself crying but I'm smiling. The show ends and the lights come back up the circle. I turn to smile at Onew but he is frowning. "Why did you cry?" He softly brushes his hand over my cheek, wiping away tears.

"Oh, umm...because I'm happy. I don't know. I always cry at these things." I extract my hand from his and wipe my face. 

"Hey, hyung. We have to go! Manager hyung is waiting for us at the entrance." Onew looks at Key and solemnly nods. I smile at him.

"Well, go on. I don't want you guys to get it trouble. It was nice meeting you all." Onew looks pressed but Key grabs him and starts to pull him toward the park entrance. 

"Bye Sam! Thank you for spending the day with us!" Taemin screams as he skips away waving. I wave back and each of the boys hollers a goodbye as they get further away. Onew waves at me with a sad smile and I wave back. I watch them disappear into the crowd and can't help but laugh. I can't believe that I just spent an entire day with SHINee and they had no clue I was a fan. 

I start to walk toward the entrance but stop into a shop to find a gift for Amber. She is not going to believe me when I tell her how my day went. I find the perfect gift for her and smile. It's a Merida shirt and I know she will love it. I exit the park and find my way back to my rental. I get inside of the car and throw my purse and the other bags down into the opposite seat. I'm exhausted, but I have to get back to the hotel and call Amber. I check the time as I put the car into drive and navigate my way back to the hotel. I know that she will still be awake because she is probably skyping or chatting with Minseok. 

I get back to the hotel and drag myself and my purchases in my room before throwing everything down on the floor and flopping on the bed. I immediately dig out my phone and scroll through my contacts and click on Amber's and hit call...

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 I'm dancing in the kitchen stirring together some mac and cheese because I'm lonely and need comfort food. My phone suddenly stutters and the snippet of "Peter Pan" that is Amber's ringtone starts. I put down the spoon and spin around to grab my phone off of the breakfast bar. I smile and accept the phone call.

"Hello my lovely!" I turn back around and stir together my mac and cheese one more time before shuffling to the cabinet to grab a bowl.

"Hey. How's it going?" Amber sounds tired and winded. I purse my lips as I spoon my lunch into the bowl.

"It's fine, I just made lunch. What's wrong? What happened?" I put the bowl down on the breakfast bar and lean against it waiting for her to answer me.

"Umm...well, I'm in LA now," I hum in response. "And umm...I kinda sorta passed out in the middle of the terminal." I hear myself gasp.

"WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PASSED OUT? ARE YOU ALRIGHT? THIS IS WHY I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN YOU TRAVEL ALONE." I can hear Amber attempting to calm me down as I continue to scream into the phone. I finally calm down and take a breath and wait for her to answer me.

"I passed out. Someone bumped into me and I was really light headed, then I bumped into someone else and just passed out. But you will never believe who I met, Sam. You seriously won't." 

"This is why I told you to eat breakfast Amber. Seriously, why do you do this to me? Well, who did you meet?" I'm angrily stabbing my macaroni and shoveling it into my mouth.

"Umm...Xiumin....Like EXO's Xiumin." I choke on my mouthful of macaroni and start sputtering into the phone, gasping for breath. "Sam, are you okay? Sam! SAM!" I cough and beat my fist against my chest while trying to swallow my pasta. I take a huge breath and pause for a few seconds before answering. 

"You. Met. Xiumin? As in, your idol, your bias, the baozi. The real baozi?" I walk to the fridge and grab out a water bowl, opening it swiftly and gulping half the bottle down hungrily. 

"YES! SAM I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! HE GAVE ME HIS KAKAO AND TALKED TO ME AND WAS WORRIED ABOUT ME AND OH MY GOD SAM WHAT DO I DO?!" I lean against the counter and just stare at the picture of the two of us from last christmas, covered in snow with my arm slung over Amber's shoulder. I'm just as shell shocked as her and don't know what to say.

"Umm...you message him?" I honestly don't know what to say. I'm freaking out for you. I stare at my food and sigh before pushing the bowl to the side. It will have to wait until after I get off the phone.

"I actually kinda already did. And he messaged back." I sputter into the phone again and pout at her giggling. "He wants to meet me again. Like after the show." I hum into the phone.

"Well, you are going to right?" I sip on my bottle of water and listen to her scream into the pillow.

"I don't know. This is insane, Sam. I mean, I met Minseok! THE MINSEOK!"

"Exactly, and now you win his heart with your charming ways and your bangin' body." I snicker into the phone and cackle as she snorts.

"Fuck off Sam." I continue to cackle, thankful that the counter is holding me up. "I will meet up with him if he wants to meet. I just, fuck I'm nervous. How do I do this? I haven't dated in a long time. Everyone assumes we are lesbians. I date you."

"Just be yourself, stupid. You are amazing. If he doesn't see it, he is blind. Also, you are my wife, of course you date me." I can practically hear her rolling her eyes at me. 

"You don't make this easier Sam."

"I know I don't. But you love me." I grab my bowl of mac and cheese and start to slowly eat again. "Shouldn't you be resting right now? Take a nap silly. Call me later okay?" 

"Yeah...I should. I'm tired. I miss you." I swallow my food and hum at Amber. "Love you Sam. I'll talk to you later okay?"

"Of course. I miss you and love you too. Get some rest okay?" I hear her hum in agreement. "Talk to you later. Bye love."

"Bye." I wait for Amber to hang up before setting my phone down and slowly digging into my mac and cheese. I can't believe that she met Xiumin. What were the chances of that? 

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I shift my weight from foot to foot and watch Amber drag her suitcase down the walkway toward my SUV. She is trying to talk on the phone and keep her things from falling. 

"Amber, do you need some help?" She looks up at me and smiles, nodding her head. I rush forward and take the suitcase before throwing an arm around Amber's shoulders and kissing the top of her head. "Who are you talking to yeobo?" She looks at me and makes a shushing motion. I huff at her and pick up the suitcase and throw it into the trunk and close it waiting for Amber to finish her phone call before we get in the car.  

I can't help but smile at her because despite the fact that she is flying, she dressed cutely. Amber is wearing a pair of pink sweats with a matching hoodie. Her light brown hair is down and held back by a simple headband. She looks at me and quirks an eyebrow because I'm probably making a face or smiling like a dumbass. She quietly says her goodbyes and walk up to the door. "Are you coming?"

I throw back my head and laugh before rounding the car and getting in on the driver's side. Amber is messing with her phone and I know that she is selecting music for the trip to the airport. "Who were you talking to?" Thankfully it's a short one because Amber was able to book a flight from General Mitchell instead of Chicago. I hate driving to O'Hare. I turn on the car and she immediately adjusts the volume before hitting play on her phone.

"My sister. She was telling me about something Derek did." Amber nodded along with the music after answering me.

The sounds of FT Island float through the speakers and I can't help but laugh at the perfection of her choice. "I'm going to miss you."

"Sam, I'm only going to be gone for a few days. It still sucks that you couldn't come with me though." Amber looks at me and I sigh. If everything had gone according I would have been getting on the same flight and headed to KCON with her, but it just hadn't worked out. The music academy unfortunately didn't agree with me being gone from private weekend lessons for more than one weekend. I pout at the road and continue to drive toward the airport. 

"I know, still going to miss you. It sucks that you can't come to see SHINee with me." I hear her sigh and agree. Things just hadn't worked out for the two of us to go on vacation together. I take the exit for the airport and successfully navigate us to the departure area. "You have everything right?" I put the car into park and get out the same time as you. 

"I'm a big girl Sam, I can pack for a few days." Amber laughs at me and walks to the trunk and pulls it open. I grab the suitcase out and hand it to her. She smiles at me and I laugh before yanking her into a hug. Amber squeezes me back and we both laugh again. "I'll see you Monday alright?" 

I nod at her. "Have a good trip yeobo." She waves at me, grabs the suitcase and walks into the airport. I get back into the car and put it back into drive and head home. 

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